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IT Productivity Limited Content

IT Health for SMBs & SMEs (Best Practices)1

Personal Notes, Group Discussions & Bookmarks

Author, Insert & Share Topic Expertise2

Author, Insert & Share Advanced Expertise3

Create Unlimited Categories and Topics

Create Unlimited Communities (Forums)

Create Unlimited Clusters of Communities

Plug-Ins: Improvement Plans

Checklists (Guides, Instruction, Processes, Procedures) 

Advanced Plug-Ins: Score Card, Assessment, Budgets, Action Plans, Content Mgt, References 

Objects (Associate Expertise with Objects such as People, Equipment, Buildings, Assets etc.)   

Publish Expertise to Other FuseExpertise Customers 

Revenue Share for Authors of Expertise4  70%  70%
Annual Subscriptions    
Per user $300
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IT Health for SMBs & SMEs (Best Practices)1: Over 150 points of assessment around IT Health, ideal for small and medium organizations, or departments within large companies. 

Author, Insert & Share Topic Expertise2: Allows you to insert expertise as a topic and allow other users to read it, book mark it, takes notes, have group discussions and make improvement plans based on that expertise.

Author, Insert & Share Advanced Expertise3: Advanced expertise allows you to use one or more plug-ins (assessment, score card, etc.), define expertise objects (people, computers, buildings, assets) and data partner with a number of data sources (POP email, databases, xpath/xml etc.)

Revenue Share for Authors of Expertise4If you would like to author your expertise and make it available for licensing to FuseExpertise customers, we will provide you with 70% of the revenue. If you have a following already we can form a FuseExpertise/YourExpertise partnership and share revenue on both the platform and the content. It's easy, we are open for business and happy to bring your expertise to life on our patent pending expertise platform!